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Welcome to HOTCHEMSALES where we specialized in the production and exportation of different varieties of chemicals including pharmaceutical intermediates, research chemicals, industrial chemicals, steroids powder and injection, crystals and much more. With our extensive research capabilities we bring out and distribute chemicals that are most in demand.    

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Buy Amphetamine Crystals CAS 300-62-9

Buy Amphetamine Crystals CAS 300-62-9

After good research we bring forward the finish product Amphetamine which generally occur in crystal form. This product is particularly famous in Australia as it’s been used in the different parts involving the scientific research 

Buy 6cl-adb-a

6cl-adb-a if not one of the hot sales cannabinoids with its extensive uses in the field of chemical research amongst other uses. Some people still prefer 5cl-adb-a which has been around a little more than the 6cl but generally both having similar effects


GBL has recently gained popularity in its multitask use. Buy GBL from us with the capability to ship to any part of the world. Get also alternative 1,4 butanediol and many more industrial chemicals

Buy Lidocaine Hcl powder Cas 73-78-9

 Lidocaine Hcl powder and lidocaine powder are basically both use as fever relief when injected. We sell raw powder and have the ability to export this to any country needed. Other intermediates that go along with this include procaine, benzocaine, tetracaine, Phenacetin, dimethocaine.

Testosterone Enanthate Injectable 315-37-7

Get the best of raw steroid powder, injectable steroids ; Testosterone enanthate oil, Testosterone cypionate powder and oil, Nandrolone raw powder, Sustanon 250 injectable and powder.

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